While we wait for our loved ones to get back to us on how they see our G.A.T.E.S., let’s reflect on speech.

Our voice carries the energy we put into this world, and that energy is either positive or negative.

Be intentional with your voice to skew it towards positivity.

I felt anger recently. After reading the inciting text message, I hastily and with great fury typed up a response.

No, I thought. This was wrong. Erase.

Still caught up in the aftershocks of the emotion, I “crafted” a response. I stared at it for an unknown amount of time, then hit send.

I was overcome with an immediate wave of regret.

See, I hadn’t thought to ensure my energy was positive, and I immediately knew it wasn’t. I had left in subtle retaliation.

You can avoid this, simply. To do so, filter your words through these three gates:
1. Are they true?
2. Are they necessary?
3. Are they kind?

For those curious on right speech, Buddhism has much to say.