It’s time to shine an unpleasant light. You’re gonna die, dude.

It’s OK because, when you do, you’ll have a kickass story. You’ll have this kickass story because you cared enough to make it so.

Time to ponder. Get out that pen and paper and switch to airplane mode.

Taking your time, answer me these questions three:

  1. As of this moment, you are financially independent. How do you start living? Be descriptive.
  2. You have 5-10 healthy years before you die suddenly. How do your priorities change?
  3. Never mind, you have 24 hours (doc says sorry). What did you miss out on in your tragically short life?

I’ll be honest. I was filled with a sense of URGENCY when I did this. Good! Life is precious, yet we tend to pretend it’s permanent.

Now start treating your inevitable death as your greatest gift—don’t you feel motivated?